CEO Fundaţia Post-Privatizare

Péter Barta is a man with entrepreneurial spirit and a can-and-will-do attitude. He is highly experienced in both the private and public sectors, serving companies, institutions and NGOs.Péter’s work has been focused on management and consultancy, being involved in numerous national and international programs for both US organizations (“Academy for Educational Development” Foundation and Development Alternative Inc., within a local program financed through USAID) and European ones (Council of Europe). Péter joined SMURD Târgu Mureş (the best provider of emergency medical services) as manager, where he as in charge, among others, of the 2% fundraising campaign, recognized as the most successful one in the country at that time. Afterward, Péter chose to bring a change in the public sector, through his position as advisor for the Secretary of State for SMEs.

Péter is currently the Executive Director of the Post-Privatisation Foundation (FPP), the only organization in Romania focused solely on entrepreneurship and on the promotion of entrepreneurial skills among Romanians.